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The secret to not going stir crazy

The secret to not going crazy Ralf a

What’s worse than the Flu? Going stir crazy because your mind hijacked your mood and ambition. You catch yourself not being able to sleep. You are getting grumpier by the minute because you cannot turn your gray matter off. Your thoughts churn in your head with no stopping in sight. One worried thought chases the other. It is outright misery making it through another day. Does that sound familiar to you?

A friend reminded my of the secret to letting your mind get out of control. “It’s all in my head” a good friend quipped when he explained how sometimes he still allows his negative and self-doubting thoughts let him feel bad about himself. So the worst kept secret is very simply letting your own thoughts suggest that you do not have a choice in doing anything about your issue(s).

No matter how bad things get for you there are three things in your control at all times:

  • Your attitude. It is truly a choice – your choice. Choose it wisely.
  • Your smile. You can still smile no matter how many issues you are bombarded with.
  • Your ability making somebody’s day. Helping others is always uplifting to the one receiving your gift, as well as you giving that gift.

The nasty thing about negative thoughts is that they fester when you are by yourself. There is a time for solitude, but only when you are in a positive frame of mind. Seek the opposite when you are de-motivated and down in the pits. Go out into the world and meet with good friends. Take a good long walk or exercise. Get the creative juices flowing. Meet with a good friend and talk about what is on your mind. Don’t try to be a hero and try sitting this out on your own.

Secrets do not do anyone any good. Go out there and make better choices when you feel bad. Life is too precious to go to waste especially when the key to this lock resides between your ears. The best of luck to you.


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