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Always make room for excellence

Always make room for excellence Ralf a

I have to admit that my idea of shopping typically revolves more around obtaining what I need either through Amazon, or go to my favorite stores called Home Depot and The Tractor Supply store. Perhaps that was the reason why I was relatively unprepared for the shopping experience at Nordstrom in King of Prussia Mall PA. Wow! Here it was the after holiday time period and the place was jam-packed! What is going on here?

Simply put, I believe it is Nordstrom’s commitment to excellence (Details here).


In store or online, wherever new opportunities arise, Nordstrom works relentlessly to give customers the most compelling shopping experience possible. The one constant? John W. Nordstrom’s founding philosophy: offer the customer the best possible service, selection, quality and value.

The goods are all of excellent quality and the store is gorgeous. I think the biggest difference though is made by the sales associates. This place is Disney like where the sales staff is totally dedicated making the shopping experience memorable and pleasant. The real kicker is though that they are also masters of the consultative sale. Imagine that! A store sales person that actually knows what she is talking about!

Compare and contrast your recent shopping experience at Kmart, Walmart, Target, etc. It is a customer service desert for the most part. What is the difference? You do not nearly pay as much for your goods. There are very few sales folks on the shop floor and you have to figure out how stuff works and how to select goods on your own. No wonder online sales have wreaked havoc on conventional brick and mortar retail stores. Yikes.

Of course you may argue that comparing Nordstrom with Kmart etc is ridiculous because there is such a large disparity between the cost of goods. You may have a point with that, but that is not why I am mentioning this topic to begin with. What is fascinating is that an expensive store is not only surviving, but it is outright setting an industry standard that others can only emulate. Choosing excellence can lead to extreme success and long-term sustainability.

Change starts with you as the shopper. Here you literally get what you pay for. What does all of this mean to you? One thing to ponder would be what your personal commitments are. Are you one pursuing excellence? Nordstrom, Boscovs, Zappos, etc are only a few examples how pursuing high quality rather than quantity and low cost can be very long term successful. I venture saying that this applies to people too. I have chosen the path of significance over success. Money is not pursued – it is being attracted by whom you have become.


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