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1 quirky way to improve your career path – no matter where you work

1 quirky way to improve your career path – no matter where you work

Are you working your bum off and getting nowhere quickly? Are you waiting for your boss to pick up on the notion that you are ready moving up on the career ladder? Yet he/ she is not doing anything about this? One of the quirkiest ways to improve your career has nothing to do with your boss(es). Well, at least initially.

You need to pick yourself first. That means that you need to believe that you are ready to move on. Now comes the part that is actually very simple:

  • Scan for opportunities where mundane tasks affecting you and co workers are repetitious in nature and no one thought of simplifying or improving this process. Make the effort coming up with a way to address this and thus improve everybody’s work.
  • Scan for tasks and duties that improve your boss’ productivity and thus opens up more time that he/ she can spend on other tasks.
  • Quite a few people think that withholding information equals job security. Do exactly the opposite of that. Share new ways of doing things that help boost speed and quality. Do this freely.

Yes, this does take a little investment of your time and effort. Yes, some bosses and work environments may take advantage of your extra efforts. What can you lose though?

  • You gain expertise that is useful no matter where you go.
  • The experience will improve your chances staying on board even during harder economic times.
  • Your attitude will get noticed and you will get more meaningful work along the lines what you are already are working on.
  • You will be considered for leader-manager positions.
  • When your work place is truly not appreciative of your efforts and talents, perhaps they are not worthy of your time and effort? It opens up a new future elsewhere and you have just built up your experience! It automatically increases your net worth.

All it takes is a little extra effort that does not cost much of your time. If for nothing else it will make your job easier and more fun. Take a good 360-degree view around you. You will notice many career improving things waiting for you to pick up on them. Good luck!


PS: Today this post marks the 500th one on this blog. Thank you for tagging along together with me. This has been a blast to do. Up next on Thursday: The year 2014 in review – lessons that can be learned from blogging

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