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What do you say to folks when they want a just “minute” of your time?

What do you say to folks when they want a just “minute” of your time? Ralf a

Right off the bat this sounds unrealistic because it never really takes a “minute”, does it? Folks ask me all the time “if now is a good time to meet”, or if I am “busy”. Here you have got to make a choice: Do I spend the extra time speaking with these folks, or do you blow them off? At the end of the post there is an inspiring instant change person whose link you ought – strike that – must check out. That is a must watch, life changing video for your viewing and life changing pleasure.

This is where the concept of instant change enters the field. Very rarely is the exact time when this happens convenient or fitting in with the stuff one does. There are however quite a few reasons why you should lend your ear and hands:

  • Elevating others. You have the opportunity to immediately improve, but at least impact the life of others for the better. This is particularly true when as you manage to meet the other person at eye level – that is being fully present in that moment.
  • Establishing a great rapport. What legacy do you want to leave? Wouldn’t you want to be known for being a solution provider? Aren’t we here helping others make it successfully through another day? Newsflash for information hoarders: You are not increasing your job security by withholding solutions. Job security in healthy organizations comes from freely sharing it.
  • Establishing trust. When you consistently help others you will be trusted more and more. This means you will also be privy to much more information and thus solutions.

There come of course a time when you need to establish a few ground rules for getting interrupted. Otherwise you will eventually not get the stuff done you really need or have to do. Try assessing how important and urgent the situation is. Negotiating a better fitting time for the interruption is perfectly fine. Make sure you hold yourself to the commitment you made though.

The long term benefits of stopping what you are doing and helping others needing your full attention for a “minute” are by far outweighing the time this will cost you. Give it a try and put the odds in your favor such that a better future for others and yourself may happen. Remember though that you only ever have this moment right now. Use it wisely and you can change the world in an instant.

One person who has made this his life philosophy is Peter Strople. Check out how he overcame an unbelievable amount of adversity early in life changed by someone believing in instant change. Now a extremely successful entrepreneur (he was the director of Dell Computer) he has made it his life’s purpose changing other people’s lives in an instant. (Details here)


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2 thoughts on “What do you say to folks when they want a just “minute” of your time?

  1. This is a great post about giving to others, instead of receiving and hoarding our time. It makes me think about those unexpected calls I get during the day when I am fast approaching a deadline, to stop amd ask ‘what type of person do I want to be now. And what type of person do I want to be remembered as?’


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