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When some people develop a weak set of knees when it comes time to take a stand for themselves

When some people develop a weak set of knees when it comes time to take a stand for themselves Ralf a

Quite a while ago while being in the German Army, I was responsible for wheel and track vehicle maintenance in a tank battalion in Northern Germany. Among those vehicles our unit had to take care of was the base commander’s Jeep. One day his driver picked him up from the base to take a ride through the base. Eventually they were flagged to stop the Jeep immediately: Three wheels were so loose that they were in the process of coming off the car. The lug nuts had come loose!

How could that have happened? In the investigation that followed the incident, it turned out that the Jeep had just come back from our unit. Guess who had been responsible for taking care of that car while it was repaired? Oh yes, yours truly and a brand new draftee had worked on the brakes and thus the wheels had been off and were subsequently put back on by the two of us.

My face went bloodless and I turned very pale thinking about what kind of accident could have possibly happened. That was a responsibility I had not been ready to accept. Once the new draftee and I had a little time to reflect on the situation it occurred to us that we had indeed tightened the wheels correctly – all four of them. It was still very tough insisting that we were innocent and that the true cause for the loose lug nuts should really be pursued further. The panel interviewing – sorry, grilling – us put us through the wringer. In fact it was so bad that I almost gave up “admitting” something that I had not done just to get this nonsense done and over with.

We stuck to our guns and did not relent. A little while later it was found out that a small group of very mischievous soldiers had loosened the wheel lug nuts of this Jeep just for fun. Who would have thought that? Thank God we did not relent and the investigation was not closed. Can you imagine if they hadn’t gotten caught?

Don’t get weak knees standing up for yourself – it is totally worth it.


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