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Be the type of person who leaves a mark, not a scar

Be the type of person who leaves a mark, not a scar Smaller FB

So goes the quote of an unknown source. People who leave emotional and physical scars just don’t get it. Violence and aggression lead to nothing but dead ends. Love, trust, collaboration, empathy, and compassion breed creativity and inspiration. Either direction will leave an imprint in your memory for a long time, but only the positive one will be inspiring and long term sustainable.

Try the following role play with a partner helping illustrate how limiting negativity is. One person starts with the following sentence: “I am going to build a swimming pool and it will not…:. Here add features, things, anything that is not going to happen, or will not be a feature. Once the one person finishes the other one will think of yet another thing that the pool will not feature. Try, and I mean really try hard keeping this going for at least 3 minutes.

Now repeat the same procedure, but start with the following sentence: “I am going to build a swimming pool and it WILL HAVE…” Now add anything you would like for the pool to be tricked out. I am sure you are catching the drift here. After 5 minutes of this exercise compare how both exercises went for you. Which one was more fun? Which one took longer for you to find thinks you wanted to say next? Which version was more creative? The negative stance is no fun, is it? It is actually so much harder to do.

The outcome of this little spiel helps illustrate how people leave a mark that will stay with us forever because they lift us up. Scars are just a vivid reminder of bad experiences and what not to do in the future.

Which one do you like better? How can you leave a positive mark with people?


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