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The one exhausting thing about secrets you may not know

The one exhausting thing about secrets you may not know Ralf a

It is not the secret itself that stresses us out. What is so exhausting about secrets is the efforts we expend our energy on in concealing them. In hiding the things we believe to be more harmful if they came to light we get farther and farther away of being our genuine selves. In order to keep lying to yourself and others you have to weave a continuing web of artificial truths.

Just recently I heard a fantastic story about Frank Warren who has achieved legendary status by having passed around self addressed plain post cards in Washington DC about 10 years ago. The recipient of the card was supposed to mail the card back to Frank. He was surprised to find many cards in his mailbox. More and more have come to his mailbox. In fact he received hundreds of thousands of cards, letters, and other objects with just amazing secrets. Check out the details of his TED talk here (Discover).

Two main thoughts struck in listening to his story:

  • Folks who shared their secrets did no longer alone know their secrets. They also had to collect their thoughts and feelings about their secrets. That had to be a emotional relief.
  • The people reading about the secrets of others get to ponder life situations that they otherwise would not have considered before. This can provide a great learning scenario.

Keeping secrets can make us sick and they hide who we really are. What keeps us in that space is fear. Conquer your fear and share your secret. If for nothing else mail an anonymous postcard, or letter and write your secret on it and mail it to the following address:

Frank Warren: Post Secrets

13345 Copper Ridge Road

Germantown, MD 20874

Free your secrets and become who you are.




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