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Conquering fear

Conquering fear Puzzled

We have way too much fear in our lives. It locks us up into a mental prison of inaction. Innovation leaves the house. Tolerance and listening skills go down the drain too. We can never reach our full potential when we are filled with fear. How about you? Do you actually think it does not apply to you? Well, shall we take a quick inventory? Here are a few examples of fears we encounter:

  • The fear of missing living on purpose
  • The fear of not being a great spouse, child, partner, etc
  • The fear of not conforming to social convention
  • The fear of losing income and work
  • The fear of losing our life or health
  • The fear of not finding our soul mate
  • The fear of being bullied
  • The fear of public speaking
  • The fear of talking to little/ too much
  • The fear of not living on purpose
  • And so many more.

What are your top fears? Can you name them? If you can qualify them without having to spend a lot of time you are already a step ahead of the average person. Step one is always increasing self-awareness about the fear we need to confront. What gets acknowledged gets addressed. Then the next best thing is to have a support system in place helping us overcome our phobias. Here this can range from confiding in a good friend to seeking professional help from a mentor, or a self-help group. Another great method is being in a group of folks who are attending training classes to help coping and overcoming your fears. Realize that you are facing a true human condition which plenty of other people are facing too.

Whatever fear is holding you back please do not let it stop from you becoming a better you. Nothing is worse than letting a fear not reach you living on purpose.


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