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Who is your co-pilot?

Ralf a

Who is your co-pilot?

Life is like driving a car. It’s great to be at the wheel and to be in control. Unfortunately, very often we miss things, as we must concentrate on what is immediately ahead of us. We cannot enjoy the many scenes on the side and far ahead of us. We cannot – well, we shouldn’t – fiddle around with phones, the radio, maps or the navigation system, read the newspaper (I know someone who does that), and so many other distracting things while we are driving.

That is why having a co-pilot is so rewarding. Of course, you guessed it, I am talking about having a coach or mentor on board. Perhaps you like to be the one sitting next to the driver yourself from time to time. It makes me think of Kim DeMotte who is a self-prescribed corporate co driver. He loves rallies and has pretty much trail blazed the analogy between being a co-pilot and coaching (Awesome details here).

Why can rally cars go so fast through crazy turns and blind hilltops? Co-pilots are the secret (that and a ton of practice). They help prepare the route ahead of time. They will tell you about the next curve coming, which gear to use and at what speed to try hitting those blind spots. They are also great for doing another thing we do not often do: At the end of a run they will review with you what has worked and what hasn’t.

You don’t have to run around and seek professional coaches. Sometimes it is great having a friend jump into the passenger seat reviewing your plans and aspirations with you. If you do want to grow leaps and bounds you should however seek out someone who is familiar with co-piloting at a higher level. One supporting network I can highly recommend is Arete (More details here).



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2 thoughts on “Who is your co-pilot?

  1. Ralf, Thanks for the nod to Corporate CoDriver!!! The link didn’t go there, ‘tho. Try http://www.corporatecodriver.com

    And I love Arete and Dr. Tom……

    HAVING a co-driver is awesome….and I would add, that BEING a co-driver is contributing to life and success…it’s the giving without expecting…it’s the “invisible hand”….


    • Hi Kim;
      Please accept my apologies for the link mess up. I cannot believe I copied the other link twice. I love your concept of co driving. Whenever I am in the car with my kids and they help me get to places I think of you. Hopefully we will be able to catch up soon again. Have a great rest of the week. Ralf


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