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Wisdom in unexpected places

Wisdom in unexpected places Max new hairdo

Kids say the darndest things. Most of the time it may be really silly. Sometimes you just may want to listen a little closer for wisdom may come out of them beyond their years.

I got a good example of that from my not quite teenage son. He piped up as follows: “Dad, I was thinking about God. You know my LEGO structures I put together recently? They are like us. When someone comes and tries to break them apart, God is the one who puts them back together.”

He was thinking of his friend who got a heart transplant recently. His friend has been on his mind a lot because of that. He introduced him to his newest most favorite hobby geo-caching (Curious what geo-caching is?). So he went on to say this: “God is like geo-caching in a sense. People are like the little pods that may lie hidden, but they can be found. God put Faith in the little pods (people) and that is like the GPS that helps us find them. We can never get lost.” Well now. With a little twinkle in his eyes he went about his normal business. I was however profoundly moved by what he said.

Just because it is kids it does not mean that they do not have phenomenal wisdom to offer. The same is true with people of any walk of life. Age, ethnicity, etc. has nothing to do with it. All we have got to do is to be open enough for receiving the wisdom that is offered to us no matter where and from whom it may come from.


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