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Missing my Sis Genae Girard

Missing my Sis Genae Girard10968548_805866536115686_1265098381585270974_n

Picture credit: Susan Cook on Pinterest / Landsend

My heart is heavy. We have lost Genae Girard. I do not know why and how, but I only know the brutal reality that she is gone. She used to call me “Broo” and I called her “Sis” – we were like brother and sister. Even though we were living thousands of miles apart we shared a kinship that I only have with very few people including my wife.

Why am I so grief stricken? Of course I will miss her physical presence and our quirky phone calls that usually came out of nowhere. But why I am so upset for her is that she was nowhere close to being done inspiring other people to the greatness they have been blessed with. She was a true illuminator blessed with the energy of a nuclear power plant and a creativity that was up to par with Picasso. This was kicked up with what I would call her signature Austin TX impishness. She used that to provoke people to get going and reach out for their full potential.

Surviving breast cancer made her just more tenacious and hungry for living each day to the fullest. She turned her attention to helping other cancer patients and families not lose hope. She even took on a big company that wanted to obtain a patent for human gene (Watch Genae on 60 Minutes) preventing a monopoly for genetic cancer testing. You had better know that you were in for a fight when you were in her way. She was an unbelievable fighter.

I knew she was something special the first time I met her during a summit of business leaders quite a few years ago. She may not have been tall, but she was always at eye level with people of any walks of life. We both have overcome adversity in our own ways. That seemed to just provide the backdrop why we could sense when we were not feeling well. I could count on her calling me and also the other way around. Because of her I truly believe in synchronicity: There is a dimension out there that we humans are incapable of sensing – the folks who are blessed with this gift just know when it is time to contact other people they care about.

It was Genae who told me that I shake up people’s snow globe, that I should be a teacher, that perhaps we should do a project together helping people with visible and invisible scars. Man, she was caring, could kick my butt, show empathy and compassion regardless of how she felt at the time. She was a true friend like they only rarely come into one’s life.

Genae, I will miss you dearly. Rest in peace.


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One thought on “Missing my Sis Genae Girard

  1. Tom Hill on said:

    Wow – so very, very sorry. Do you know any details? Tom

    Dr. Tom Hill Inspiring the World One Person At A Time



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