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A slight but very exciting change is coming

A slight but very exciting change is coming Ralf a

I am not a friend of the status quo and you may have picked up on that reading my blog. My primary objective has been helping to poke you, the reader to reach out and tap the full potential you have been blessed with. That is not going to change. What will change is my focus on who will benefit most from reading my blog. I will be homing in on entrepreneurs, small to medium sized businesses that have either just started going through their pioneer phase or are ready to grow out of that phase.

The other group near and dear to me are either people or business entities that are faced with adverse conditions. Adversity can be your friend and overcoming it can let you come out ahead once you have mastered your challenges. With that I will keep the original spirit of the blog alive and everyone will still be able to get something out of reading the 3 times per week posts.

Thank you for your trust and interest. Look out for interesting material to come your way.


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