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Another must read book – From Autopilot to Authentic by Brett Blair

Another must read book – From Autopilot to Authentic by Brett Blair 20150331_134150

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Are you at a point in your life where you feel stuck in autopilot? Do you feel that something is missing in your life? Most of all, do you miss a sense of purpose? Friend Brett Blair wrote “From Autopilot to Authentic” about his life journey. Even though he was considered a very successful in business, enjoyed great health, and had a great family, he felt something was missing. He had what he called a “midlife-thing” happen to him – he was stuck in autopilot.

He felt like he had to do something about this. Much like a leaky faucet’s drip can drive you crazy in the middle of the night, he sought a way out of this mode. Equipped with his mentor Dr Tom Hill’s life coaching philosophies he found self-actualization, financial security, his true love, his spirituality, a nurtured intellect, and even better health. Along this long journey of finding his way through the thicket that is life, many friends accompanied him further enriching his life.

Brett’s easygoing writing style that is very personal and kept at eye level is a must read. He manages to compile Dr Hill’s many self-improvement principles while explaining who they applied to his journey of self-discovery. They will work for you if you are willing to take the first step. This book provides hope and many an opportunity for you to design a life that is fulfilling. Don’t get stuck in autopilot – choose authenticity.


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One thought on “Another must read book – From Autopilot to Authentic by Brett Blair

  1. Tom Hill on said:

    Txs Ralf – well done

    Dr. Tom Hill Inspiring the World One Person At A Time



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