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Off the Rack: Chronicles of a thirty-something, single, breast cancer survivor – Book by Genae Girard

Off the Rack: Chronicles of a thirty-something, single, breast cancer survivor – Book by Genae Girard Off the rack

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I am not sure about you, but around me there are more and more cancer cases that I become aware of. It is one of the most terrible diseases a human being can possibly encounter. Genae wrote her book (check it out here) such that others would have a guideline what to expect and what to do when you encounter breast cancer yourself. No one should be alone in this fight.

I know a few friends who are either fighting or successfully fought this quiet and deadly killer. This book is written for you. Please consider either buying and reading it, or giving it to someone who could use a spirit boost. It comes jam packed with solid advice and a run down of the good, bad, and indifferent experiences along her journey from diagnosis to successful treatment.

Genae did a really nice job capturing the roller coaster of emotions that will inevitably come down on a cancer patient like an avalanche. What makes the book so relevant is that she had gone through it every step of the way. She covered also friendships, love, sex, laughter, tears, and so much more. This sometimes get completely overlooked: cancer patients are totally normal people with normal lives. They just have to deal with defining their new “normal” state.


PS: Missing you Genae; there is rarely a day that I do not think about how the world lost a great fighter

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