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Money is not to be pursued – it is attracted by whom you have become

Money is not to be pursued – it is attracted by whom you have become 20150513_182504

Photo credit: Ralf Weiser

The above-mentioned adage I have heard from friend and mentor Dr Tom Hill many times. The most recent example I have come across just yesterday. My son got a Penny collection book and what feels like 20 pounds of Penny coins in a burlap sack for him to sort through. A friend at work gave it to him and I lugged it home.

When I got home his eyes got really big: “Dad, why did the man give me this present?” That question had occurred to me also and my friend shared with me why he felt compelled to make my son’s day. “Ralf, your son and daughter treat others with outmost respect. I can always have a nice and meaningful conversation with them. They are awesome young people and be proud of them”.

When I shared this with my son he was truly humbled. He could just not believe that someone he barely knew would do such a kind thing for him. He had literally attracted money by whom he has become. I hold this for self-evident and true. How about you?

Let that little story land with you. How and where have you personally experienced this phenomenon? How can you work on your self-awareness? How can you make a difference for others?


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