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Brewster’s millions or how money begets money and good deeds beget good deeds

Brewster’s millions or how money begets money and good deeds beget good deeds Ralf a

Remember the movie “Brewster’s Millions” with Richard Pryor and John Candy in the eighties? Premise of the movie was that Pryor’s character had to either spend $30 million in 30 days in order to get a $300 million heritage, or “just” take $1 million up front.

He could not give the money away! People thought they owed him and they made him even more money. This is more along the lines of “give and you will be given”. It builds up over time.

How does this perhaps apply to good deeds? To me there is a direct connection. Look back a little over 2000 years when Someone gave it His all. We need not wait for divine intervention here. We also can do our best to give our best. Doing good deeds really does make a difference in the lives of others – besides of making you feel good about yourself too. The less fuss and no expectation you have the greater the chance this becomes a long term sustainable thing.

Why is it so great for others when you go above and beyond? If for ntoher else it keeps hope alive. Hope is the last thing in our life that when it leaves us too, there is nothing to live for. You jumping in and not having been asked to do so provides such a great boost to someone else who may have questioned our purpose of existing. Life must stay manageable.

Come on, let’s give people a little boost. That is my call to action. Pay someone’s bill behind you at the convenience store. Keep an extra $100 in your pocket that you can give to someone who needs that much more than you do. Help getting a job interview somewhere. It does not take much time or money. Just do it.


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