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Amazing inspiration from blind skate boarder Tommy Carroll

Amazing inspiration from blind skate boarder Tommy Carroll Smaller FB

There are many days when life can just absolutely take the wind out of you. It’s tough to move and push on and get the courage to do what you need to do anyway. Then again there are people like Tommy who have had to fight much more difficult challenges and they did not give up on themselves. They not only survived a significant issue, but mastered it.

Blind by the age of 2 he picked up skate boarding later in his life. Yes, skate boarding and he is blind. Watching his video is a must: http://mpora.com/videos/AAdd7n6xxhwf?player=force_flash

Here you have a young man who should inspire all of us. He had the bravery to deal with the loss of a key sense and he got on the board anyway. Can you even imagine how scary this must have been?

How do you feel about your issues and problems now? Ponder them and put them into perspective. Ask yourself: “Will I even think about this in 2 years from now?” In the event that you answer this with a “no” then no longer clutter your brain with it. If “yes” then make a plan how you will overcome the issue and take it on squarely.

Have fun and a great week.


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