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How music can provide purpose in even the poorest of conditions

How music can provide purpose in even the poorest of conditions -Landfill Harmonic Smaller FB

How is it possible that we are sometimes so prejudiced that we “throw” away people? We have such a narrow way of looking at who successful people are, that we often brush everyone else off. Those we ignore and sometimes outright discriminate against them. The poorer the people, the greater the chance that their voices will never be heard or considered. Is this a universal truth with a capital “T” thought?

Of course it isn’t. What makes us humans different is that we have a choice. We can choose to be significant. In the following example the children and their music teacher chose to give their lives some serious purpose by building and then playing instruments made from trash other people have thrown away. Discover the amazing story of how music comes alive in the poorest region of Paraguay.

Every life’s journey is worthwhile examining. Please take the time to watch this video. Become transformed by the children’s love for music. They and their parents make a living off of the trash that other people throw away. Think about what kind of status they have in their society. How about ours? They would get ignored and wouldn’t get a second look on the street. Now compare that to the beautiful music they have practiced so hard for. Yet they chose significance. They chose creativity and they received back a sense of purpose. See how the music brought them together? It inspired them. It gave them hope.

The ultimate in irony is that the trash discarded by richer people is now coming back to them in form of music concerts. The orchestra has become so popular that it has toured a lot of cities even internationally.

So when you feel sorry about yourself it may be helpful recalling how little these children had and how they now help inspire others and themselves. You have the same choice they had. What and how much can you do? How much of a difference can you make in someone’s life with all the rich resources you have? Stay happy my friends and have fun pondering this one.


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