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THE stress buster you need to tap into – physical activity

THE stress buster you need to tap into – physical activity Smaller FB

Do you catch yourself getting to a point beyond frustration where you want to try primal scream therapy in order to feel better? What really does not help us is that we are cooped up at work, in our cars and other transportation methods, and also at home. At home it gets to be the more frustrating as frequently we have a packed social calendar putting more stress on us and less time resolving issues.

My son recently misbehaved badly at home. Plenty of back talk, outright rebellious, you name it and he did it, or better, he didn’t do what we asked of him. Once he cooled off he and I could talk at eye level. He professed that the pressure at school just gets to him and that he did not see a suitable outlet other than lashing out at his parents.

It was one of those aha moments that only slowly sank in. He asserted that with more physical activity and setting his emotions free he would most likely blow up a lot less. It made a lot of sense to me as I like to spend time in my back yard when I am all stressed out. Nothing beats a good session of wood splitting or chipping either. Physical activity is extremely therapeutic when it comes to stress and pressure relief.

Let’s see how we will do at home, but I sense that there will be much more physical activity coming our way. Working out together with a personal trainer has already done wonders for my daughter and me. What are your stress and pressure compensation mechanisms?


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