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Are you chasing after happiness, or isn’t it something else you may be after?

Are you chasing after happiness, or isn’t it something else you may be after? Smaller FB

Happiness is an elusive companion. Much like satisfaction it is here one second and gone another. Purpose and fulfillment are around much longer, and yet, it may take a while to discern what that is.

I once thought happiness is strictly related to feeling good about yourself. Oh boy was I wrong about that. Here are a few spots where I may have tried finding happiness, which may sound familiar to you:

  • Happiness does not come from doing more or possessing more stuff.
  • Popularity does not necessarily make one happier.
  • Money is essential, but it is a poor substitute for meaningful happiness.
  • Being the best at everything does not make one happier.
  • Binge watching, drinking, eating, etc makes only for short-term happiness.
  • Being on social media a lot does not bring lasting happiness.

The best thing to do is to be happy as can be when happiness comes around saying “hello” to you. Fulfillment comes along when you dig deeper and you work on becoming a better you. And that is why it is easier said than done.


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