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Homing in on purpose

Homing in on purpose Smaller FB

Did I fulfill my purpose this week? It’s a simple question and yet a very difficult one. Yet, if you are interested in preventing or averting burnout and even a mid-life crisis you really should spend some time pondering this every week.

Just about every one of us encounters the phenomenon of busyness. Our careers can consume exorbitant amounts of time and effort. Exciting or not, we expend copious amounts of time advancing our responsibility and hopefully also income. Then there is our social life and family. For the ones of us with children on deck, we all of a sudden have a plethora of kid’s activities show up on the calendar requiring our attention. Here is a funny video taking a look at what this could mean to the dad’s world.

Time goes by so fast that before you even realize it, years may go by. Don’t get me wrong here. It’s fun and when we are having fun time has no meaning. It slips by us in a heartbeat. After some time sooner or later we tend to sense emptiness. This can stem from missing the big picture. What am I here to do? What am I here for? Where should I go from here? Am I doing the right thing?

That’s where purpose comes into the picture. Aligning our purpose with everything we do in life from family, career, to social life is extremely powerful. My call to action for you is to ask you a few questions every week and keeping a journal about what you find out about yourself:

What happened this week? Was I on purpose this week? When was God around? Where was I on purpose? Where was I not on purpose? What legacy would I leave behind?

Are you feeling the least bit burnt out? The good news is that help is right around the corner. All you have to do is spending a little extra effort in pondering your purpose and journaling your answers. The next step then is the most difficult of all: Are you ready to do anything about it?

Here are a few sources that you may find helpful digging deeper into “courage”:

How courageous are you really?

Can courage be learned, or do you need to be born with it?

What everybody ought to know about courage

As always, happy pondering.


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4 thoughts on “Homing in on purpose

  1. Tom Hill on said:

    Awesome video – great message – thanks Ralf – T

    Dr. Tom Hill Inspiring the World One Person At A Time



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