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Putting your career on a fast track – and it only takes one step to get there

Putting your career on a fast track – and it only taSmaller FBkes one step to get there 


How many people do you know at work you say that they only want to “play the devil’s advocate”. That is one entity that does not need one. Identifying problems is never good enough at work to get ahead in your career. You need to think about identifying solutions. Most of all the one key step is sharing your solution – transparently and freely.

Why? It today’s educated and critical thinking work environment there are many other people besides you who can think of problems associated with their department, project, the company in general, etc. You name it and there are issues galore. There are many, many waste of time meetings dedicated to complaint sessions identifying problems. We wade in issues – and you want to add to them? If the issues you are thinking of add no significant value then don’t mention them. You can always add them later in the root cause problem identification process if need be.

Now look around the workplace and recognize the people who quietly work on solutions that they share freely with their teams and managers. I bet you that the ones who work on finding solutions unasked, on their own time, and schedule will have made significant progress in getting more responsibilities and also authority. They are the ones known as a go-to resource and they will be invited to either work on or lead new projects. They are the ones who will be thought of when the time comes to discuss pay and career advancement. They are the ones who come prepared to almost every meeting that they go to. They a vast majority of times already experimented or prototyped possible solutions. Having them on your team makes for really fun meetings where you put the combined brainpower into a creative mind setting. They are the ones who turn any “yes-but” into a “yes-and”. In all they are just fun to be around with.

That is how it’s done folks. Make sure that the problem you find comes along with a solution that you can show to your team members at work. If you do this consistently you will get recognition and overall will be much happier and fulfilled in your career. Should you continue to be frustrated because your boss does not do anything about your self-directed work style ponder if you should not (I’d say must) change department of even the company.

Focus on solutions and remember that there is no need for yet another devil’s advocate.


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