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7 steps to boosting your enthusiasm

7 steps to boosting your enthusiasm Smaller FB

The worse the economic news, the greater the chance that you will encounter people that have no visible energy – no zest, no pep in their step. Life may not be fun, but you can still be enthusiastic about something. Try going to an interview like this and you will learn the hard way that jobs typically go to people that possess a real positive attitude towards themselves and of course, work. Now you really have a reason to mope around.

So how come you are not enthused? Fortunately you need not be born with this attribute. Enthusiasm can be learned. Here are a few pointers about how to kick up your positive attitude a notch or two.

  1. Enthusiasm is an all but externally visibly attribute. People look at you and study your demeanor, mimics, gestures, posture, and how you say anything. Be aware of your outward appearance. Choose wisely.
  2. Whatever you are passionate about is most likely what you can be enthusiastic about. Ponder what your personal passion is and strive for you to follow it at work and at home as well.
  3. Take inventory of your strengths and weaknesses. Know your weaknesses, but build on your strengths. Strengths build the foundation for enthusiasm.
  4. Seek out folks who provide you with ideas, material, and support in general. Building such a community is essential in making your enthusiasm long term sustainable.
  5. Mental and physical fitness have a great impact on your body and soul being able to sustain enthusiasm.
  6. Build on small successes. Think about generating a funnel of small projects that lead to success. Celebrate those in a timely fashion.
  7. Enthusiasm is an active choice you need to make. Realize this choice is yours. Ponder this and choose wisely.

Some believe that enthusiastic people were born that way. While this may be true with a few of them, the vast majority went on the path of learning how to be enthusiastic. This means you can make an active choice as well. My call to action is that you ponder this and make an conscious choice to go for it.

Fact is that enthusiastic people enjoy a greater success rate in life and I venture saying that they enjoy a more content life. Do you have thoughts and comments? Please share in the comment section of this post.


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