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10 more additions to Gair Maxwell’s blog post “What are the 33 impervious truths?

10 more additions to Gair Maxwell’s blog post “What are the 33 impervious truths?” Ralf a

Gair Maxwell recently posted a brilliant blog about impervious truths. They are impervious because no matter what storm may come, these truths will keep standing once the storm is over. He listed 33 of them and 2 extra bonus ones (discover his blog here). I am going to add 10 more to this fabulous list. See what you think.

  1. If you want to get stuff done, give it to a busy person. Have you ever noticed in wonder how much busy people are capable of doing? Are you not green of envy when they tell you how much they do and how little time it takes for them to get it done? Key difference is that they know when to say no, and whatever they do take on they never mess around and see each challenge as an opportunity to excel. You can do this too!
  2. Nothing gets done unless it is in the first or last minute. It is almost a golden rule. Stuff gets done either right away or at the end of a deadline. Make good use of the first minute and do not let it get to the last minute too often. Haste makes waste. One thing is clear though, very rarely does much happen in between those two time frames.
  3. It’s not about whom you know, but who knows you. Please do not belong to one of those people who think “networking” stands for asking for favors from people you just met. Don’t be trying to sell anything the first minute you meet anyone. Make sure you work on getting a reputation of being genuine, honest, sincere, and most of all being helpful in anything you do. Have an impeccable reputation and trust you me that you will be known for it and people want to get to know you. That is the key difference that will keep you busy and gainfully employed garnished with great and mutually helpful relationships.
  4. You can create predicable miracles by attracting them. Make a daily list of the mood, things, and people you want to attract in your life. It is all but miraculous what can happen to you when you do this. Ask and you will receive.
  5. Never do anything that doesn’t deserve a “hell YES”. Nothing good will ever come from compromising. A compromise means that you are trading what could have been a fabulous result for something that feels like bartering with the devil. Choose to do things that you can honestly say to yourself: “hell, YES”. It is this enthusiasm that will carry you through life with a ton of fulfillment and happiness.
  6. You are the average of the 10 people you spend the most time with. That is the reason why you should be very choosy about with whom you want to hang out. Choose folks you give you energy. Let them be extremely positive. Naysayers have no room in your life. You cannot help them – ever. Move on and help uplift worthy folks who uplift you also. Life is too short not to live a life to the fullest potential.
  7. Nothing ever changes unless the pain of remaining the same is not greater that the pain of changing. It is so true. Only when you have had it and you cannot stand the pain of remaining in a stagnant state will there ever be any change.
  8. One person attracted to you for whom you have become can change your life forever. You never know who will make your day someday because you have been so sincere and hard working on yourself and your future. Sometimes you may never get to know those folks for whom you may have made a difference in their lives. Sooner or later your life will change if you work on getting to know yourself better and when you share your intentions and dreams with others.
  9. Be impeccable in what you do. Always do your 50% first and do so without having to be asked to do it. Do it to the best of your abilities. Don’t ask what you can get; ask what you can bring and offer. With our freedom comes the responsibility to always do your part first before you ask for anything in return.
  10. Serve others without expecting anything in return. Be a loving person. Sometimes loving someone means telling them the hard truth and that is how you serve them best. This does not mean that you knuckle under either. It just means that you offer your unconditional love – no matter what. Get rid of all your hate and nasty thoughts of revenge etc. Watch your life turn around when you no longer take anything personal. It is a spiritual awakening beyond your dreams.


Here is one more bonus one:

  1. Money is not pursued, it is attracted by who you have become. Can you make a lot of money and pursue it for the money’s sake? Sure. Is this long term sustainable? Nope. Long term success without you suffering a mid life crisis, or burning out is only possible if you attract it by discovering yourself. Self-awareness all but automatically attracts a whole different and higher quality of people. Watch what happens when you work on yourself.

Gair is one of the most prolific branding specialists I know aside from Seth Godin and Jeffrey Gitomer. Check out some more of his stuff below.


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