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Life is like a windmill – fight it and the windmill will win

Life is like a windmill – fight it and the windmill will win Smaller FB

Sometimes life can feel like you have taking over Don Quixote’s life and you are not getting anywhere quickly fighting way too many windmills. You keep hoping things will change and you just keep fighting. There is a simple decision making process that I would like to share with you helping you decide whether to fight or to look for another challenge. The windmill will win in this uneven game.

This analogy came about quite a few years ago. I wanted to pick up an old motorcycle from a friend that lived a good 5 hours away from me. I wanted to buy it off of him so bad that the distance did not matter to me. On the first trip I managed to wreck my car and my motor cycle (that was loaded on a trailer connected to the car). That did not keep me from going there again another year later. When I finally took inventory of what it would take to restore it, I did not notice that besides of the main frame, the engine, and the tank every other item had to either be replaced or totally restored from the ground up. This turned out to be my first money pit where rational thought had totally escaped me. My heart had been the key decision maker in this instance even though my instinct and rational thought should have told me otherwise.

Why I mention any of this is simply because the problem is also part of the answer: Using your head, heart, and your gut feeling with the same importance lets you make decisions more wisely. Sometimes it is time to let go and move on.

In other words I am inviting you to start using a pre-flight check list with three main criteria on it.

  • Does my choice make sense when I use my intellect? Does it make rationally sense?
  • Is my heart in it? Do I love what it will do and what it stands for?
  • Finally, what does my gut, my instinct tell me to do?

Using this head, heart, gut method lets you pick smarter and more sustainable challenges to go after. Give it a try; it’s a win-win proposition.


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