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There is lot more positive stuff in your life than you think – Check out Krista’s story

There is lot more positive stuff in your life than you think – Check out Krista’s story Smaller FB

Life surely can be nasty. The problematic job you may have, the nasty co-workers you may have, the jerk who just cut you off on the road, the dude who is not holding the door open for you, your children who ignore and outright dislike you. The list, I am sure, could go on for a while. Start dwelling on this boat load of negativity and you can get easily be feeling depressed.

Then again, life has so much to offer and there is actually so much more positive stuff out there – you just need to know where to look and you need to start embracing it. I have been following Krista Ronai’s story now for a few years now. It started with the heart breaking news that her seizures had been related to an aggressive brain cancer that was deemed incurable. She had just become a mother to a beautiful daughter and then life threw this nasty hook at her and her loving family. It was her and her family’s determination and the work of countless others who miraculously helped her through the last couple of very difficult years.

Her daughter is 6 years old now and that in itself is a miracle. Krista once thought that she would never get to be there for this. Her cancer has once again advanced to a point needing more surgery next week. One thing that I would want to share with you is she and her husband’s blog post. Here is a mine excerpt and you really need to read the rest on her Caring Bridge blog post site (click here to discover more). “For what it’s worth, Krista and I were talking and just wanted to share this perspective. With all the negative societal stories we are force fed, Krista, Anna, and I have been blessed to see the absolute best that exists in people over the last six years. The..”

Heartbreaking? Certainly. Heartwarming? Certainly. Most of all though this is a great inspiration to us all. The purpose of life is to never give up – NEVER. Hope goes last and until that time we owe it to ourselves making a positive difference in the life of others. This is no matter how “bad” we may feel ourselves.


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