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Things you wished you could tell your boss

Things you wished you could tell your boss Ralf a

Employee disengagement is a big issue – now more than ever. That is the conclusion I came to attending the last three recent business networking events. Just yesterday I listened to an expert (I prefer specialist) who gets to query tenths of thousands employees to gain statistical knowledge who engaged or disengaged they are. Sadly enough, it appears only 1/3 of people are engaged. Good workplaces make it to 2/3 of their employees being engaged. The most fascinating question the expert got from networking attendees was what typically happens to his report out back to management.

Can you hear the crickets in the background? People in the audience were obviously not the C suite level folks who normally contract engagement experts and they certainly do not get to read the executive summary results. I could sense that they wanted for their bosses to actually read, understand, and then do something with the statistics. Most bosses appear to not do much with such reports.

Here is a list with things that middle managers and other employees wished they could tell their leadership:

  • You walk right by the messes everyone can see. Can you please stop long enough to notice the challenges and do something about them?
  • Can you please meet me at eye level? Hierarchy and titles are meaningless – authenticity and being genuine is priceless.
  • Can you please listen to the consultants you hired? Most of what they will tell you we could have told you too, but probably for less cost.
  • Can you please over-communicate and repeat again and again where we are headed and how my contribution counts?
  • Would it hurt for you to get to know my name, birthday, and anniversary? A personal connection will go a mile.
  • How about a career path plan you could share with me? You got me into the business, now please help me grow.
  • How about creating a safe work environment where mistakes are mistakes? If I learn from my mistakes so will the organization.
  • How many more questions can you think of that you would like to ask?

To me engagement is just as elusive as happiness and satisfaction. They are here one second and gone another second later. Biggest issue is that top leaders do not hold up a mirror to themselves. If you want your team to change you need to change first. Dan Kessler from Workplace Dynamics recently asserted that his company would not even consider keeping on working on projects in which top leaders are not fully committed to bring the suggested changes to life. Check out more information in the link provided here.


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