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Wonder why employees are leaving you? Wonder no more

Mess up just one of the 10 most important things to your team members and they may be more than just disengaged 39bac56d-8cfb-4003-a409-6702874dcba4-medium

Info graphic credit: Simon T Bailey http://simontbailey.com

I just love Simon’s recent info graphic he posted to his LinkedIn feed. It puts 10 most important leader-manager priorities on to one easy to understand single page. So here goes the challenge to all of you who serve others by being their leader-manager: Ask yourself how you can best address the needs and wants of your team members in the following areas:

  1. How well do you compensate your team members? How does this stack up with the region and your benchmark industries?
  2. How well do you onboard and provide continuous training opportunities?
  3. How much of a positive challenge can you provide for your team member?
  4. How much of a career path can you provide for your team member?
  5. How much transparency is there around your team? How much of a safe environment can you provide to your team members such that they will freely and candidly collaborate?
  6. How much and how many times can you show your appreciation for your team members?
  7. Do your team members really know how much you and / or the organization value their input and output?
  8. How much of a winning organization have you been able to create? Do you have a worthy mission even for yourself to pursue? How about your team members?
  9. How does her authority match her responsibility level? How much of an impact does she have on creating the challenge?
  10. How much do you trust and love yourself? Do you extent this trust to everyone in your group?

There are so many employee engagement surveys and also consultants around that are supposed to help getting your team members to fully engage. Do not waste your money on any of this unless you are committed to reviewing and then committing to making a monumental difference with two sets of people at your organization: Top level management and YOU must be committed to finding great answers to the above ten categories of questions. The moment these two are getting engaged it is only a matter of time and your team members will get engaged as well and they no longer have any reason to leave you behind.


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