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2 ways choosing wellness for the New Year ahead

2 ways choosing wellness for the New Year ahead Smaller FB

Interesting how the holiday season is barely over and all the commercials and social media world is jam-packed full of health and wellness improvement stuff. Rather than sharing yet another gadget I suggest you do two things only:

For one, read Michelle Robin’s booklet “Engage a Wellness Lifestyle”. It is only 36 pages long, but it is loaded with down to Earth and easy to follow thoughts and advice. I just love how she has put it together. Download her booklet: (Check out the entire booklet here).

Discover her cool wholesome approach addressing our mechanical, chemical, energetic, and psychological/ spiritual wellness. The world needs us for a long time to come– choose wellness and if for nothing give this one little booklet a try.

The second way I can highly recommend to you is choosing a personal trainer who can adjust to your dietary and workout needs on an individual basis. I started middle of last year and I am now regretting that I had not started to do this earlier. Nothing beats having an accountability partner who is keeping you company on your journey to better health. Should you live near West Chester PA I can highly recommend Michelle Mednini to you (Discover more about her studio here). Engaging a personal trainer is a step you will not regret and you will not get long lasting results buying fast result stuff hawked off on TV. Make health a priority for 2016.


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