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Would you give up YOUR gift? Have Kleenex handy

Would you give up YOUR gift? Have Kleenex handy Smaller FB

Christmas may be just over, but we are very lucky here as the next special days and further holidays are just around the corner. More gifts should be headed our way. Imagine you were asked what gift your heart desires and you would be presented with it. Then you are given the choice to either accept your gift or to give it up in favor of a present to someone of your family you dearly love. How would you decide?

Now grab a box of Kleenex (just to be on the safe side) and watch this recent 3-minute YouTube film (discover the film here). You will find yourself in good company with young children who faced the above tough decision: “Should I choose a present for myself? Should I pick a present for a loved one?” The results are heart warming.

It’s also a lesson in leadership. How so? It is one thing to give up something nice for a loved one. It is yet another thing to give it up for someone you do not like. Would you still decide the same way? This is where we can all grow: Do we have enough unconditional love for everyone whom we serve?


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