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Fighting the status quo – How to avoid self-limiting beliefs

Fighting the status quo – How to avoid self-limiting beliefs pablo-4

Most people do not even realize how much they have bought into self-limiting beliefs. One that I come across all the time are happening during job interviews, but also during conversations I have with people about their career plans. They believe that they do not have a choice. I was reminded of this in speaking with a good friend the other day who claimed that as an older worker you cannot expect to get employed ever again no matter how good you look and how qualified you are. What a self-limiting belief! This is like going to a high roller poker game and you come mentally equipped with $5 chips. You have to come prepared to an interview by showing the interviewers that you genuinely want this job and how you would make the position work for them.

Yes, I have never been in this position and have been gainfully employed ever since leaving high school. One thing that I have been blessed with though, were literally 100’s of panel interviews. Folks that appeared insecure and anxious faired so much worse than people who liked themselves and were able to concentrate on how to apply themselves to the proposed positions. That is exactly where you can make the biggest difference.

BELIEVE IN YOURSELF: Show that you did your research about the company, products, services and people. There is a ton of knowledge that you can obtain through the Internet. Then take a moment and envision yourself in the proposed position and how you would like to get training, how long that might take and ultimately how would picture carrying out this job. In other words: Bring the future into the present.

Above all, do not grant power to anyone or anything. Power is granted and if you delegate it to others you will get what you tolerate. Question if what you believe is real, or merely your brain’s projection of what you THINK is real. We live in a country of free choice and then you had better make good use of it. It is of much easier blaming others and circumstances for what happens to you. Realize that you may allow for that to happen to you. At the end it still is YOUR choice and no one else’s.

Once you have started to believe in yourself here are some other steps for sustainable success:

  • Ask yourself where you are today
  • Ask yourself where you want to be in 6 years
  • Ask yourself what stands in your way
  • Map out going backwards from 6 years, to 3 years, 18 months, 90 days, monthly, and finally, daily how you are going to get to your envisioned life
  • Share your plans and intentions with as many people as you can
  • Share it with folks outside your regular circles
  • Seek out places where you can share and deliver value to people and organizations about what you have learned along your journey
  • Plan – do – review – correct your plans and goals

Too easy? Too difficult? Easier said than done? Your life is going to change for the better the moment that you show up to your own party called “believe in yourself”. Do it now and do not lead a life full of regrets.


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2 thoughts on “Fighting the status quo – How to avoid self-limiting beliefs

  1. Anita Bailey on said:

    Dear Ralf, as always you inspire. Of all the things we need to do or remember, belief in self is probably highest. What we have  need of (in my opinion from work with the so called at risk community, under served, and chronically under and unemployed) is the ways and means to provide this kind of support. I know from the experience of working with so many who have been beaten, downtrodden, and lost hope that words aren’t enough. Like AA and other support programs it’s the sharing of experiences, mentoring, friendship,  that helps build or rebuild confidence. Little of this is offered in our society that expects us to pull ourselves up by our boot stapes and get on with it. Our Lenten program about brokenness illustrates this in so many ways. We need to make time and room for each other as we work our way through our brokenness and create opportunities for each, finding ways to show that their gifts are real and important and that they are needed in real and tangible ways in this world. Just my random thoughts. Thanks! AnitaSent from XFINITY Connect Mobile App


    • Hello Anita;
      Thank you for your thoughts. Is it not amazing how rampant this issue is? I am beginning to speak at schools to MS and HS students in March about the many opportunities our country has in store for them. It is my hope that I can inspire them to be curious, to have the courage to do something with what they find out because they have been curious, and finally, I would like for them to ponder how to be determined to pursue their dreams. Let’s do something about preventing people wasting their God given potential. We are blessed beyond measure.
      Have a great week,


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