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How to focus on what is important

How to focus on what is important pablo-10

Prisms help gather and concentrate light to a single point. Then the light spreads out again. The same prism effect can happen to people that want to develop themselves.

I our noisy world it is easy to get side tracked and off course to what life could and should be. The situation improves the moment you stop and ponder your purpose and how you can get there. Starting point is the vision of where you want to go with it.

That is the focal point of the prism I am talking about. Focus. Shrinking it down to the one thing and refining that is tough work and make take months and perhaps even years. In this process you are sorting out all the bunny trails that may be fun but do not lead to where you want to go. Focus. There are dead ends, there are detours, there is a ton of chatter along the way, there will be nothing but distractions (just think electronics for a sec), and there are your roles in family, work and social life that can easily side track you. Again: Focus!

Once you have this laser like focus and you have eliminated your distractions you will get to experience the prism effect. When you are living and working from a true state of being you exude it in everything you do. People will all of a sudden pay attention to you.

Here is the prism effect in prose:

It makes you much more effective at work and with all your other activities.

It lets you become a valued resource to others in life.

It gives you self-sustaining energy without stress.

It lays the foundation for synchronicity to occur.

It makes sense to others what you say and do.

It provides direction for you and others.

It lets you connect with more people.

It tells people where you stand.

It builds self-confidence.

It builds sex appeal.

It builds trust.

It’s YOU!







Career choices

Wishful thinking

Culture and language

Clubbing and partying excessively

Electronics –TV – Internet – Social media

* It concentrates your life light; it helps you illuminate others

If you want to change course in life the most successful way is to slow down and focus on the one thing that describes your purpose best. Do not take my word for it though; try it yourself and be just as fascinated when you discover the power that lies within you.


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