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The difference between great and average teachers

The difference between great and average teachers Ralf a

Average teachers make it all about winning first place; great teachers teach how a whole team can get there using skills that will help them throughout their whole lives. I was vividly reminded of this watching a local science based competition. I am quoting a rock star teacher:

“Please remember that, while winning is awesome, the skills your kids are walking away with are the real prize – creativity, collaboration, budgeting, time and project management, problem solving. (The) teams’ solutions to their problems are 100% the kids’ work. Regardless of how competition goes, I couldn’t be prouder of that fact.”

That is a pretty cool teacher, right? Who is / was your favorite teacher in school? I am very certain she made teaching about the students and not herself. Make sure to tell her how much of an impact she had on you while you have a chance.


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