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EAGLE – Five letters describing life long success

An evening well spent with Ron “Jaws” Jaworski, 1980 Philly Eagle QB and MVP IMG_5226-A

Photo credit: Richard Curth, Troop 117 with Mr Jaworski

Ron held a keynote speech during a benefit event on behalf of the local Boy Scout chapter. Our troop was invited to be the Honor Guard and my son preceded “Jaws” by holding a little keynote speech as a Scout representative.

I was really impressed what Ron had to say about being an Eagle – he carefully made a pun saying that he was never an Eagle Scout, but he ended up being an Eagle with the Philadelphia Eagles eventually leading up to winning the Super Bowl. He is now a very successful football analyst and also entrepreneur. A third connection to the word Eagle existed for him in form of his then coach Dick Vermeil. Mr Vermeil was the coach and since Ron’s dad had passed away way too early in life, his coach ended up being much of a father figure. He appears to have used the EAGLE acronym trying to teach the team an important lesson. It has changed Ron’s life forever.

Coach Vermeil impressed upon his team members that they all shared a huge responsibility being an Eagle player. He offered the following explanation what it meant to be an Eagle. Ron then encouraged the audience to ponder how excellently this acronym also fit for being a Boy Scout:

  • E – Enthusiastic: Show that you genuinely care about what you do and who you are. Help inspire others and yourself to aspire living to your full potential.
  • A – Aggressive: An Eagle should be aggressively pursuing his goals. This is true for advancing, pursuing merit badges, etc.
  • G – Gentleman: At the end of the day always remember to be a gentleman in everything you do. People are watching and paying attention to you. Your values, beliefs, code of honor, and your actions play a huge role in your life. You never know whom you may influence for whom you have become. Make it count!
  • L – Leadership: The whole point of being a Scout is about learning how to lead yourself and others.
  • E – Endurance: Endurance is needed in order to sustain yourself in challenging times and situations. Very little in life is easy – most is difficult.

It was a fascinating and humbling night to listen to the two keynote speakers and both got standing ovations for their contributions to the event. Take away is that success is not something we are born with. It is not DNA that prescribes how successful in life you will be. Success can be learned from following principles much like coach Vermeil’s EAGLE one. All you need to do is start executing upon such principles.


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