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Providing a blessing to others is not tough – this is how it is done

Providing a blessing to others is not tough – this is how it is done pablo

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This is a shout out to personal trainer Michelle Mednini. Please find below the story as encountered and told by her and I am posting it here with her permission. Making a positive difference in someone’s life is not difficult at all. There are so many folks who do need our help. Sometimes all we can do is provide our attention and perhaps a helping hand or of course some money. While this most often will not provide long term help it does a much more important thing: It provides hope – hope enough to show that all lives matter and to keep fighting. Michelle’s story delivers just that and it did something else that rarely happens to me: It left me speechless.

“Another story about loving others…I had every intention of heading to the gym for a great workout and at the last minute I decided to ask Noelle Bell if she would like to go for a run outdoors. She agreed, as she has come to love running. I told her that we would head to East Goshen Park instead of our normal spot-West Goshen Park. We reached the park and as Noelle was preparing her headset/music, and I began retying my shoes for the run, I noticed that their was a woman sitting in a car that looked like it was close to belonging in a junk yard. It was quite worn and rusted. In the front and back seat I noticed that a large amount of clothes were covering all of her back seat and front passenger side. She was surrounded by clutter, even in the drivers seat..around her very being. I looked at her and she immediately looked away. I then said, “excuse me miss, are you living out of your car”. She responded “why”. “Because I care about you”, left my mouth. She said “yes” with an ashamed type of expression over her face. I said to her, “I have something for you”. She did not want to accept anything from me. I said to her “please, its just something small…it’s in my car…can you just give me one second and I will get it for you?” She finally agreed. I came back to her car, and tried to hand her $20. It was all I had in cash, and I believe that if everyone does their part, big or small, the world will be a much better place, than having done nothing.

The woman did not want to accept the money. I was honest with her, “Miss, this was supposed to go into the offering basket at church today, but I forgot to bring it with me, and I told God that I would give it to someone. The Lord must have wanted you to have it”. She then said “as you were passing my car, I had a serious face on, but I was actually praying to God. I believe in Him very much.” I asked her if she would tell me her name, “Becky”, she said. “Becky, can I also pray with you. She immediately said “yes”, and I held her hand, and prayed with her for God to provide blessings over her life and finances. As I was praying, I found myself crying for the difficulties she must be facing. When I opened my eyes, I saw that she had cried during the prayer as well. Becky then thanked me. I told her that I hoped she would have a great day because I believe that miracles do happen, and even in her situation, she might be able to find joy. I went on my way. I had wished that I could give her more. When I walked over to Noelle (she had been fiddling with her music-not paying attention to what I was doing), she had asked me if I was crying. I told her what had just happened. “Kudos to you mom for helping that woman”. We then went for our run.

I used to think I had to wait until I would become a perfect Christian to tell the stories that happen fairly regularly in my life. I am NOT anywhere near perfect let alone a perfect Christian, but I do believe in God and I do believe that if you are helping your neighbor, it is like helping yourself.”

What do you think?


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