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Your lack of understanding of IT crisis management and preparedness can cost you dearly

Your lack of understanding of IT crisis management and preparedness can cost you dearly Ralf a

Like technology or not, it impacts your quality of life and blissful ignorance can have outright catastrophic consequences. Take for instance everything that is computer technology for instance. I just got to know about a so called “cryptolocker” Trojan horse malware that is e-mailed to you by friends of yours (at least the address makes you believe that) containing a link to e.g. an “invoice”, a seasonal photo or something similar.

You click on the link and nothing happens; you may repeat this a couple of times and nothing happens. Well, so you think. Unfortunately for you and all your files, they are being encrypted and you can no longer use them – any of them. All of this happens in the background. Just a little later you will get a window that opens up for you and it contains an ultimatum: pay a ransom and get your files back, or lose them forever. The payment options include ways that are virtually untraceable. No one is really ever fully prepared or protected for something like this. The newest iteration of this nasty hack is that it affects the main server and all connected and running computers. Thanks to crisis management preparedness the impact on operations can be minimal. The crooks may not get a dime, but it may take quite a crew to get all computers and systems back on line to normal level. How is that for impacting your quality of life?

This is only one example and a more dramatic one at that. Now just think about how much computers are used nowadays in our business, but also social setting. Sure, you can still do paper based banking and just keep using your “dumb” phone (as opposed to “smart” phone). Think how much banking alone changed in the last 5 years and how much we use our smart phones and tablet computers to handle financial transactions. Now point your attention to our older folks who may be more hesitant adapting to change – it will not take that much longer when we may no longer be able to bank like we used to.

More and more will be done through computer based devices. You either adapt and get a chance to keep if not increase your quality of life, or you will simple drop off the chart and have a much more difficult time to do the things that take other folks just a few minutes. Choose wisely and do not be afraid to stay up to date. You have got more to gain than to lose. Just be more like a kid and explore like them.

Finally, do not open random mail containing links – ever. Rather ask the person who supposedly sent it and ask if it’s legitimate. That little bit of effort can save you a lot of money and time.


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