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Boosting your career and morale is easier than you think

Boosting your career and morale is easier than you think Ralf a

You may take many of the things you are blessed with such as your knowledge, skill sets, competencies, etc for granted as you do not even know about all sorts of people who would just love hanging out with you to catch a glimpse of what you know. Better yet, applying what you know in a smart way can really help boost your morale and with it most definitely also your career.

Check out a few ideas about how to do that. Here they are:

  • Sign up for special assignments at work: Nothing boosts careers more than signing up for extra assignments where you can show off your talents and help improve your company and also make the customer better off.
  • Start a blog: Yes, I think everyone should have a blog in which talents and knowledge that can make other people better off are showcased. It is really easy. Do not take my word for it, take a look at Michael Hyatt’s online advice (click here for his advice how to bring a WordPress blog online in fewer than 20 minutes).
  • Start a Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook, but definitely a Buffer account. You do not like using so much social media? Once you homed in on the most basic platforms and have some content you want to share use Buffer to post it automatically for you (actually HootSuite can do very similar things for you).
  • Hold a presentation about your stuff. This “stuff” is what you are passionate about – it’s about your purpose. Local business development councils and other organizations are constantly looking for great speakers and content. Why can this not be you?
  • Start a meetup group and deliver your content as well as help develop others as well. It is a lot less difficult than you think setting this up (click to start a meetup session here).

Fulfilling your purpose, feeling good about yourself, and making other people better off is a lot easier that you may think. It all starts with thinking about what this should look like and most of all starts with the day you commit to going through with it. The moment you start shipping (figuratively speaking) your stuff you will feel a rush from doing what you are meant to do.


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