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The difference between easy and hard is found in our head – not in the problem

The difference between easy and hard is found in our head – not in the problem Smaller FB

Most people look at a problem and try establishing whether or not it is easy or tough. Successful people look for it in their heads. They look at their thoughts and how they want to approach any given challenge. While the vast majority of people will resort to either feel victimized or powerless when facing tough challenges, their more successful counterparts look at their mental approach tackling the issue head on.

Just a while ago my daughter asserted her displeasure about adult life. “Papa, you go to school, then you go to college, then you get a job, and you work and then you die.” Wow! Where in the world did this come from? Then an opportunity came up for her to work over the summer as an administrative assistant. She was really not all that enthused about the prospect of working for a fair wage because of her preconceived notion. Finally her first day came and went by and she was delighted about the prospect of work. In fact she was grinning from ear to ear about all the documents she scanned, computers and work station as well as communication cables that she helped set up or clean.

Where did the difference between easy and hard reside here? In her head – and only in her head. Here is where you can make a huge difference for yourself: Make sure to take a deep breath and really think about any problem and ponder how tough it really is. Beware of your brain wanting to make a problem out of it.


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