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A bright future is waiting for you – but can you hear it call your name?

A bright future is waiting for you – but can you hear it call your name? Ralf a

At one point or another of your life you may have been wondering what you really want to do. You may still be stuck in a job you do not like right now. You are looking for any sign out there telling you what you are here for. Challenge is that you are looking for a billboard type sign when in fact all you have to do is slow down and listen: If you want to hear about your future you have to listen for a very faint voice.

There are a few sizable issues to contend with when it comes to being able to make out this quiet source of wisdom:

  • Busyness: We are way to busy and like to keep it that way. Moving around typically means that progress is being made. Problem is that if we do not slow down then we cannot make time for some reflection time. Take time off and try having some solitude. Amazing things happen when you are not distracted by TV, Netflix, smart phone, etc. Take a blank piece of paper along so you can jot down the thoughts you are having.
  • The faintest ink is still better than the best memory: Journaling daily about your thoughts, dreams, fears, etc is extremely powerful. That power comes into play when you reflect upon your notes periodically. Patterns start to emerge. Our minds often get stuck in an unhealthy routine of getting stuck in the same thought pattern. Journaling literally lets you see when and where that happens.
  • Hate them or love them – set life goals: Well over 80% of our population does not have a life goal list. I am talking about an actual list in writing. Less than 5% have a written plan how and by when to get there. Do not be one without such a list. Break down your goals to 6 year, 3 year, 18 month, 9 month, and monthly goals. Again, patterns emerge of things that work and ones that do not.

Small signs of success loom around the corner every day. When the future you are meant to enjoy wants to whisper in your ear, be ready to listen. Have the courage to take a slow and quiet approach to this and do not be looking for huge and loud signs out there.


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