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When you run on empty take a trip

When you run on empty take a trip IMG_0250

Photo credit: Ralf Weiser, Snow globing in Chicago

Sounds counterintuitive but it is true. Nothing is more invigorating and inspiring as taking some time off and taking a road trip. If your company is gracious – and I might add smart – there is vacation time for you to take. Maintaining a manageable work – life balance is tough on a good day due to the many technological advances. And that is exactly why you need to take some time off from time to time. When your batteries run on empty it may just be the time to pack up your stuff and go.

Here a few things that typically happen when you are on the road:

  • Your brain gets a tune up: Different settings equal different thoughts. You leave the rut of doing and being the same. New scenery and people motivate you to abandon thought patterns that your daily routine brought upon you. Getting some solitude time in kicks this effect into even higher gear.
  • Different circles of people enrich your life: Not being around your typical set of folks is a good thing. Getting to know other people is fun and it may connect you with completely different circles of networks.
  • Appreciation for how blessed you / we are: Traveling connects you with our great country and the people that live in all these different places. Let it be cities, landscape, historic sites, national parks, etc – you name it and we have got it!

Take some time off and see our great country and recharge your batteries along the way.


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