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The devil does not need a lawyer

The devil does not need a lawyer pablo-2

Aren’t you sick and tired of some folks that always have something negative to add to a discussion? Real discussions cannot happen because of so many “yes, but” commentaries. They play the role of the so called “devil’s advocate”. They are so good at pointing out problems – even with possible solutions – at an almost insane level of detail. Problem here is that they themselves rarely provide a suitable solution, or a possible way out of a messy situation. So what does pointing out the issue really help in the first place?

There is no winner in this situation. The person or group that is discussing a given task or venue most likely was aware of the possible problems already. The last thing anyone needs is dedicating unnecessary manpower and nerves to an in depth analysis of the same or other problems. The one who brings up the problems with no solution is being viewed as difficult and often an energy sink. Leader-managers will most likely need to get involved containing the situation – no one wins here.

Question to ask yourself is whether or not you have dedicated as much time identifying an issue as also generating a possible solution (or perhaps multiple case scenarios). If not, than you should definitely start doing this immediately and making this a common practice. This makes everyone better off and will go over really well with your leader-managers. Believe it or not, almost always this also will open the door to better pay and more responsibilities and authority.

The devil does not need an advocate. Try proving me wrong.


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