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Do this and phenomenal personal and corporate growth will follow

Do this and phenomenal personal and corporate growth will follow Ralf a

Our business has grown at a phenomenal rate over the last decade. When folks ask about how we did this they are stunned hearing my answer: All it took was one leader who started to gather a team of people and asking them the open question of what we should become.

Yes, I know. It may sound too abstract. Let me break this down to 10 main headlines then. I have listed the key take away lessons here for you:

  • Success needs time to come to fruition. Discerning your future, planning, and then implementing change takes about two thirds of your planned time frame. At around that time ratio you will find yourself enjoying exponential growth.
  • Success needs a coach or mentor. Trying to grow on your own can render significant growth, but it is not ideal. Having someone guide you through troubled waters of change will almost always beat doing this all by yourself. How often have you not been able to see the forest before the trees?
  • Success needs a team. There may be an “I” in winning, but there is still none in team. Significant growth and success can only ensue when you have a team gathered with you. The more diverse it is the greater the amount of creativity can be tapped. When people believe in your mission and vision there are engaged and fully motivated.
  • Success needs a set of open-ended questions. Telling is worthless, asking is priceless. People want to figure life out on their own and they want to make their own decisions. A team that draws conclusions from pondering open-ended questions together will almost always dig deeper and farther. The open-endedness inspires creativity.
  • Success needs a list with what you want to become. Enough said. Do not venture out without knowing what you want to achieve and what that helps you to become.
  • Success needs a list of things you will stop doing/ being. Chances are that you are engaging in a lot of stuff that you should not be doing anymore. When you want to do something more of the stuff that will help you living on purpose, there had better be a list of stuff that you will quit doing. Chopping wasteful activities from your task list feels wonderful and it opens up time for the things you will need to do in order to follow your goals.
  • Success needs a timetable with benchmarks. There are two time frames where things get done: Right at the beginning, or in the last minute. Unfortunately, most happens at the last minute. Regardless of that, you will need to have a set of deadlines. What gets measured gets done, and what has a deadline gets started.
  • Success needs a warm, safe, and authentic environment. Those are the elements of trust. Genuine collaboration can only happen when you create a safe environment for your team.
  • Success is never about yourself. Take your ego out of this equation. Leave it in and whatever you will create is doomed to fail when you are not there.
  • Success is about putting in hard effort. Sorry folks, but when you want to create something that is meant to last it had better be great. That takes real effort. It’s like painting a room: 2/3 prep work, the rest is slapping the paint on the walls.

Get rich schemes will probably never go out of style. Problem is that they make others rich and you do all the hard work. You might as well put that sweat equity to good use and follow your own path to success. Explosive growth will begin with you stopping what you are doing and starting to ponder what you are really meant to do. Openly collaborate with others and ask a few open-ended questions. The rest is up to giving it a little time and of course, there is always a little luck involved too.


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