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The four most important CEO business growth strategies

The four most important CEO business growth strategies 20150325_164819

Photo credit: Ralf Weiser

Two of the most powerful business growth strategies are visible in the photo of this post. The one is more obvious than the other. You can read about it in so any good leadership training material. Listening is the beginning of any significant business growth. Here this can be listening to your own dreams and aspirations to begin with. Then you need to expand this to your peers and most of all listen well to your front line people. They will know best what the business needs most.

The other strategy may be a little more difficult and abstract to get from the photo. Collaboration: The dry-erase markers stand for writing down the creative ideas and thoughts. This is done through collaboration with your team(s). It stands also for generating a plan using collaboration. Tell people and you may have short-term success. Listen and collaborate and you will attract long term sustainable growth and most of all, significance.

Assemble your team and embrace diversity. Find and align around purpose: Generate your vision and mission. If you have done this before verify that it is still valid and true. Finally, use any suitable tool that helps your teams to implement your strategic plan through a Plan-Do-Review-Correct continual improvement and implementation process.

I am so excited to read about more and more leaders taking finding and then providing purpose for their existing and new team members (aka employees). The above quick list can help you embrace this growing trend.


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