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Who has got more tolerance for your unfiltered thoughts?

Who has got more tolerance for your unfiltered thoughts? Ralf a

Do you really enjoy more leeway at home when you say what and how you really feel? That is what a person attending a seminar with me a while ago asserted. Sure, at work one should be as objective as possible and depending on your company’s culture that may be more or less guarded. Can you afford pulling out all stops at home though because you are related to everyone?

While it may be true that family may have a harder time disowning you, you still can hurt feelings when you share your unfiltered thoughts with them. Therefore, it may take longer for them to be really annoyed, but when someone gets fed up with you it may just get as ugly as it would get at work. So why treat folks differently based on setting in the first place? Can you overextend your welcome with family just because its family? I think so – how about you?


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