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The things you cannot buy

The things you cannot buy Smaller FB

Money cannot buy it and neither can sex or drugs. It’s how healthy, content, and happy you are with your life. The same goes for how spiritual you are and how many deep friendships you have. Everything else is a mere distraction from the real deal.

Take your health for instance. You may be the most brilliant person in the world, but if your body is not healthy carrying your splendid marble around what good will that do? Every one of your wishes is miniscule compared to the one wish to be healthy.

Money and career choice are two more serious topics that you should seriously consider what the most important thing is that you are after. They say that with an income greater than 75k Dollars your happiness does not relate directly how much happier you will be with getting more money.

No doubt, money is an important part to your financial survival and sustainability. All the Earthly things in life become meaningless if they do not serve a particular purpose – your purpose!

No amount of money, sex, and drugs will ever be able to make up for a life well lived.


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