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How to avoid letting other people get to you

How to avoid letting other people get to you Smaller FB

The premise of this is really simple: If you get to wrapped up in what others think of you and how they react to what you write about, how you decide something, what you look like, etc, you may lose what you are really all about. Another nasty fall out may be that this kind of thinking pattern makes you feel anxious – really anxious.

For a decent portion of my adolescence I had fallen victim to it myself. In the end I made decisions and voiced my intentions based on what I felt would offend the least amount of people. What a dangerous slippery road this was. It set the stage for future misconceptions and expected behaviors.

Does that sound like you? Do not feel bad; this will happen to just about any of us at one point in time or another. Bottom line is what other people think of you is none of your business. Ask yourself a very simple question when you feel anxious: When you have made a decision and you voice your opinion candidly, will your groceries, gas at the local sources costing you any different amount compared to the people that you are worried about? It may sound silly to you, but this kind of mental framing has helped a few people to feel a lot better about themselves.

On the path to the true YOU and a genuine self your first step is to not worry about what other people think or expect of you. Brutal honesty with yourself and scanning for what you really want or do not want is the next step. If you have managed to get to the very inner core belief and connect your desires, talents and visions with it, you will emerge with a clear picture what the future will look like. Once you can picture it and you voice your intentions, you will automatically find allies that will stand by your side and help you. Listen to these folks – whatever the other folks think is no business of yours.

My call to action is for you to think about a situation where you were too much concerned about how other people were thinking about you. If you had to do this again, how would you do this differently now? Please share your experience in the comment section.


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