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Hope pablo-10

People who know me may have caught me saying that I never lose hope, but that I aim to keep my expectations in check. Hope is important at a level of taking a breath or drinking and eating. This is the magic force that lets us make it through another difficult day or situation. Though we may not know what the future holds, with hope we muster the courage and determination to press on anyway. With that said I wondered what my version of a hope manifesto could look like. I can only encourage you to peruse the manifesto and ponder what your would look like. So here goes my humble version of it:

I hope that our political leaders and especially our current and future president(s) will wield their influence and power wisely. That they may aspire to inspire the people whom they serve by embracing openness, transparency, collaboration, diversity, and the fundamental ideas of our founding fathers. I hope that empathy and compassion with occupy their thoughts and that violence and military action will always stay the last resort in resolving conflicts. I further hope that this thought carries down to each of us citizens. Anger and hatred are shortsighted emotions making for bad leadership.

I hope that our United States of America will continue to stay the world’s beacon of personal freedom, justice for all, and most of all for attempting to help people worldwide who cannot fend for themselves. America provides hope to so many people worldwide and they look up to us to do the right (best) thing. I hope that America will keep inspiring people to wonder what they should do and help them pursue this dream.

I hope that our generation will find the best way to ensure that our children and theirs to come will be able to enjoy their version of the American Dream. I hope for clean and safe places to live with clean water, food, and energy that will be there for generations to come from long-term sustainable sources.

I hope that all our religious leaders will attempt embracing the differences of other faiths and reach out helping understand one another. I hope that they will also figure out better ways to communicate with each other. I hope that we will learn to embrace asking difficult questions such that we may learn from each other and that this will lead to more acceptance and knowledge.

I hope that mankind will find ways to eradicate such terrible diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, etc. I especially hope that we will figure out how the youngest of us – children – may live long lives without ever having to experience any of such severe diseases.

I hope that what we call communities will in fact stay or once again become communities where people care for each other. I hope that we will enjoy a local infrastructure that supports a better way to get around to work, to meet, and congregate.

I hope that our schools and school systems will help teach and guide our youngster to become self-sufficient, bright, self-motivated, and happy adult who will one day carry our society. I hope that we can all aspire to look at them as what they are: human beings and not human “doings”. I hope that all of us parents will appreciate and value how precious a good education is.

I hope that students, schools, colleges, government, and free enterprise will figure out how to work together in providing a learn and earn environment teaching important job and life skills while also including secondary education choices. I hope that our young people will be able to enjoy a dept free entry into productive and fun careers.

I hope most of all that I will lead a life leaving a positive legacy. I hope that I will deliver upon my commitments. I hope that I will be candid, open, transparent, trusting, enthusiastic, loving, forgiving, collaborative, communicative, spiritual, and content with my life (everything I ever wanted from life I already have). I hope to step up when it is my time to help protect others who cannot protect themselves. I hope to be a good father – the best one I can be. I hope to be a good husband and that I will make the best decisions for my family.

What are your hopes?


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