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6 tell tale signs when to leave your toxic work place

6 tell tale signs when to leave your toxic work place Smaller FB

I recently spoke with a good friend who had been working for a very hostile work environment. She ended up leaving and regretting not having done so sooner. There had been signs of trouble early from the early stages of employment. Here are a few toxic workplace indicators that you should look out for:

  • Presence of fear. People are afraid to say what they think.
  • Absence of candor. People will not honestly share what they think of their jobs, other people and their ideas.
  • Presence of putting people down. People put each other down.
  • Absence of collaboration. People make a significant effort to work against each other. Jockeying for positions and favoritism run rampant.
  • Presence of cynicism and sarcasm. It is difficult for you to figure out what people mean. You feel the energy drain from you in meetings and other interactions with other employees.
  • Absence of laughter. Morale, what morale? There is no laughter and there is always a bad vibe in the air.

What’s your job here? Scan for the presence of absence of the above criteria at your workplace. Does this place give you as much energy as it takes away from you? Make sure you spend your time surrounded by positive people. If you are not happy, why are you still working there?


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