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Would it not be nice to download a software patch when our lives don’t work out so well?

Would it not be nice to download a software patch when our lives don’t work out so well? Ralf a

It is so easy to download new information to all of your computer devices. So you want to run a completely different program? No problem, just download the necessary software. Sometimes I wished I could offer all of my lessons learned to friends, family and especially the young ones. They could really get a jump start on life and not go through the lessons I learned the hard way. How about you? Just imagine the cumulative knowledge that each one of us could accrue. While the computer driven knowledge world gets exponentially larger every second, each human start fresh from birth.

Life is fortunately not that way. Human experience is earned the easy or hard way. It is a real 3D experience where you need to experiment, plan, implement, review, and correct. Then there is the old lizard brain of ours. In case of perceived danger we fight or flee. No, you cannot put a software patch on that one and rational thinking will escape you faster than you can think. You need your feelings to know how to prioritize and what to value before you can choose to either making a rational decision or how you feel you should make a decision. That is the last frontier of computers: The realm of emotions. Love, compassion, empathy, anger, hate, sadness, grief, depression are tough to emulate artificially.

While we may long for extra memory space and knowledge that the use of computer technology could help us with, it also detracts from the fact that our short comings make us human. It is something we should not deny and in fact it is much better to embrace it and have fun with it.


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