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7 powerful ways to get you out of just drifting through life

7 powerful ways to get you out of just drifting through life pablo

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Do you catch yourself drifting through career and social life? Are you upset with where you are in life? Do you feel like you do not have any energy for anything? Worse yet, do you feel like you have no plan how to get out of this because you have no inspiration? Please find below 7 items that will help jump-start your creativity engine and all you need to do is start making a plan. Do not wait until you enter a full-blown midlife crisis.

  • Mentors and coaches: A true mentor and coach listen to you and provide you with a lot of insight about yourself. They tap into the power that resides within you and ironically enough they inspire you with the ideas and thoughts that largely originated from your brain. Cool stuff; get a coach or mentor.
  • Successful people: Let me clear up right from the get go what I mean by successful. Success to me is when someone masters something and to the outsider the most difficult stuff looks easy when this successful person does it. Money follows this success almost automatically. They are sustainably successful as they take care of themselves and strive for living a balanced life. Most of all really successful people help other people to succeed as well. They are really inspirational folks.
  • Quotes: Really cool quotes are short and convey simple and complex material and manage breaking them up into bite size pieces. Right after reading them you feel empowered and almost dumbfounded how simple some challenges are when viewed and articulated by really successful people (see description above about successful people).
  • Situations: Some situations are really challenging and once you have mastered them they can be really inspiring – because YOU went through the whole experience yourself, you learned from it, and you know how to do them even better next time. Journal about this so you can read and go over your lessons learned whenever you need that.
  • Art, film, theater, and music: Nothing inspires quite like the aforementioned media. You get to experience all sorts of situations, people, situations etc in one spot and you may not even have to move an inch. Let your mind freewheel and take advantage of the new thought patterns that come your way.
  • Free time and vacation: Experiencing other locations, cultures, religion, people, etc through going to different places is another form of seeking inspiration. All you need is an open mind for all the different experiences along the way to and from your leisure activities and travels.
  • Faith and spirituality: A little (the more the better) solitude can go a long way for your intellect listening to your deeper connection to the divine and to your purpose. Nothing is more inspiring when you hear your own voice and you get the clarity you have been looking for. Your faith and spirituality can really help inspire yourself and others.

Isn’t it fascinating how many different ways of seeking inspiration we can tap into? If you have a few more ideas about inspiration and where you get it from I would love for you to share it with me. Too many folks seem to be running with their inspiration tanks on empty and with no sails set on your boat. That is no way to how to live your life.


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